Winter time has come and gone

I dun powerlifted. I squatted. I deadlifted. I benched. I even kept running! I worked up to my previous one rep max of 275…..for 4 sets of 5 reps with proper squat depth. I was on the path to super saiyan strength! Unfortunately those nagging pains and imperfect form finally caught up with me. My sore hamstring turned into a full on tendonopathy. Bending the legs hurt. Deadlifting was out of the question. I become an every day bencher. I pressed real good!

I finally learned what it meant to eat more and get stronger. I tried some bodybuilding style workouts. I did a shit ton of lat raises! I ate alot of food. I was disgusted with my body sometimes, and marveled at it occasionally. What’s new?

In august, I had consulted with a plastic surgeon about a tummy tuck. I learned that it was ridiculous expensive, and got a 16,000 dollar quote that was good for six months if by some miracle I moved on it. Well, I’m proud to say that as of this post…I am 2 weeks out from the date of the surgery.

I’m still benching. I’m still eating a bit. Hell, I even did some fasts. I water fasted for 3 full days the first week of the new year! I learned alot about my body. Ive been eating keto, throwback to my first weightloss days of 2011…..preparing for the post surgery inactivity.

Hopefully everything will be awesome and I will feel more whole again. Until then, I will keep on moving my body and being mindful. Here’s to progress in 2018.