Episode one: Jesse Ward, the fitness butler

The very first episode! Jesse ward is a super fitness wizard, crossfit coach, and owners of Local’s Gym. We talk health, mindset, and showing up for others.

You can find more about locals gym here.

Kimo Cole

Episode four: Kimo Cole, Where the hammer hits the slopes

In episode 4, Kimo tells me how combining snowboarding, a business degree, and a little bit of sociology helped him piece together a gym and focus on helping individuals reach their goals.

Check out Anvil Fitness online.

Ben Lidgus

Episode Seven: Ben lidgus

In episode 7, I sit in my living room with Ben Lidgus, a silly man with silly stories. Also, my brother shows up at some point. Topics covered include the price of eating meat, ASMR, and how great meditation really is.

Episode 10 Sunshine Market

Episode 10: service shines at sunshine market

In episode ten, I learn the origin story of the humble sunshine market, and the effort that goes into making it great.


Episode TWO: Randy Toroni - You could be working on your sketchbook right now

In episode 2, I'm joined (in video) by freelance artist and illustrator Randy Toroni. We talk about the tenacious mindset of an independent artist, how many things you can do at the same time while drawing, and rekindle fond battlescars of art school.

Find Randy’s art at his website.

Seth Pearson

Episode five: Seth Pearson, the self love guru

In episode 5, I'm joined by Seth Pearson, an ecstatic young up and comer in the avenue of life coaching and growth. Seth shares his story of finding purpose and expanding possibilities, while his cat tries to hog the mic for cuddles.

Seth’s website can be found here.

tyler woods

Episode eight: Tyler woods

In episode eight, I kick off a summer series of Woods family interviews. Who better to start it off than me!

Episode 11 Zack Robertson

Episode 11: Zack Robertson, the ancestral man

In episode eleven, I meet up with Zack to talk community, carnivore, and saunas, while in a sauna. Then we go outside and get grounded with community and movement.

Doctor Annie Armstrong

Episode THREE: Dr Annie Armstrong, the spine guru

In episode 3, I talk skeletons with Dr Annie Armstrong, founder and Chiropractic Sports Physician at the Head 2 Toe Sport and Spine clinic. We talk tune-ups and weigh in on the state of doctoring in a confusing world.

Need a tuneup? Check out the clinic online.

David Fen

Episode six: David Fen, hands on with MKP

In episode 6, I met David Fen in his workshop for a chat about his life as a builder. We go from making cabinets to making connections as we dive into the mankind project, and discuss what it means to be a mentor.

Find more about the MKP online, and view David works at his website.

Ray Woods

Episode nine: Ray Woods

In episode nine, I sit down with my dad, and get his life story. Spoiler alert: He's proud of me.