I dun ran a marathon. Now I’m powerlifting I guess.

September has come and gone. The running, it happened! The day we all waited for. I rolled out of bed at 3 am, drove down to redmond, and hopped onto the burke gilman trail. For 4 hours and 55 minutes I ran my tree trunks along that path, even quickening my pace as I caught up to some casual and not so casual joggers. With my own marathon bib, I strode across the threshold….to see my wife with a homemade tank top to commemorate my finish. I cried. I was sore. I hurt. It was wonderful.

My toenail is still black, but I’ve healed since that day. I hopped back on the starting strength routine, and have been squatting, pressing, and deadlifting for 3 days a week now for 5 weeks! To sum things up: I feel strong as fuck. Slowly been upping my food while still being afraid of my weight, but things have maintained (after a long cut down post marathon) and I’m on track to squat my previous 1 rep max for REPS next week. Planning on running the ‘building monolith’ post-deload. Going to start myself on 3k calories a day. Will I finally put on some muscle? Who knows. Here’s to powerlifting this winter.