The Tummys Been Tucked – The infamous gofundme that got me banned from r/fitness

As the culmination of a whole lot of hard work, a bit of help from my friends and family, and a whole lotta anxiety, it happened. On the morning of Thursday, February 1st 2018, I lied down naked and exposed on a hospital bed, as an anesthesiologist remarked how how I was getting and the bed rose toward bright lights. “Do you work out?” A voice asked before I lost consciousness. “Your heart rate is 40.” “I’m a fitness enthusiast.” I said, before the darkness took me over.

I then promptly awoke, about 10% conscious, answering yes or no questions. The surgery lasted 8 hours. A tummy tuck and bilateral flankplasty. A hazy series of vignettes ensued, in which I found myself in a wheelchair, in a car, and finally walkering my way in my front door. I discussed the finer points of anesthesia with my wife while she served me soup and a protein shake. Sleep came easily.

As of this writing, I’m 5 days out from surgery. By day 2 I was using my walker to get to the front door and back to bed. By day 3 I had left the house with a cane. By day 4 I grocery shopping and taking long walks, and today I’ve been cooking, doing chores, and standing for too long at my PC putting this together. The doctor says I’m healing normally, so I keep on shoveling down my collagen supplements and plenty of protein. I’m being as keto as ever, so hopefully I should come out of this not too fat and not too withered away while I’m out of the gym.


I have been bloated, constipated, generally off-kilter, but I am positive, and taking things one hour at a time. This mornings victory? A 2.5 pound bowel movement. Gotta take those wins where you can get em.