I make stuff.


Lumbertron is my vessel for sharing my creativity with the world. Here you’ll find crafting, prop-making, music, and more!

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About Me


In the beginning, it was video games. Inspired by worlds beyond, I began to create music, 3d artwork, and my own games. I’ve always loved the creative act of building something with intention. It brings me great joy to share my gifts with others.


It all began with a vision…and some trash.

I knew I wanted a workshop. After years of building in 3d, how could I bring things into the tangible world? After finding a broadsword in the trash I vowed to restore it. Sculpting, metalworking, woodworking, and more. The process taught me how I could use my creativity to make awesome things, and I began to accumulate knowledge and tools to make things happen.


what can we do together?

Drop me a line and let’s make something awesome.