Hows that working out for ya?

Toot toot, time for a check in! Guess whose running 20-30 miles a week again. This guy! After getting married (that’s right folks) and my leg getting mostly back up to snuff, I embarked on a 12 week marathon training plan. And I only have FOUR WEEKS LEFT. I feel very good about my progress, going from complete and utter inability to run or walk to multiple 20 mile runs. Currently, sitting with a heating pad on my patella from one of those, but I’d like to think I can now tell the difference between an out of commission I’m going to die injury and a general overuse aggravation. I am still lifting barbells twice a week, and working on various handstands and lever business in the between. I think I finally figured out how that yohimbine stuff works, and between that and a bit of carb cycling my weight is trending down again. Finally looking into loose skin surgery. It might kneecap me financial for a few years, but goddamn if its not going to change my life. Life is busy, fitness is still on, carry on!