I got tanked!

So yesterday I had the privilege of getting a water-tank based bodyfat test! I’ve been tracking my body fat percentage consistently with a scale that zaps me through my feet, usually logging it every morning, and graphing it over time. It pegs me at around 12%. So after some slightly nervousness and breathless dunking, the results came in: 11.2%! Its pretty exciting. At 172, I weigh less than I did at the end of…elementary school. I’m currently toying the with the idea of eating maintenance, or a slight surplus in a few months for a long bulk. I also found out that I am 2 inches shorter than I had been previously told all my life! That was a bit of a shocker, if only for the implications for my BMI and my BMR. Meanwhile, I resolve to continuing with my bodyweight strength training quest to be a badass, and keep on deadlifting heavy. 5 pounds away from 315×1!