Meat month

2019 isn’t going how I planned.

And that is PERFECT.

At the end of last year I started hearing about these crazy carnivores. The antithesis of vegans. And they were so powerful, so full of energy. I asked myself, wouldn’t be cool if I could do that? If I adapt to a no carb diet, imagine how my distance running would go!

Well, I took in enough propaganda, that I tried a carnivore day. And then 2 a week. And then, I finally did something long overdue:

I threw out all the artificial sweeteners in my house. All my crutches. I went ALL IN.

I stubbornly held onto some of my habits, tracking calories and macros, daily weigh ins….I didn’t trust myself.

But now?

Its been a month and I’m feeling fantastic.

Ground beef with liver and eggs is better than caffeine. Bone marrow? Uncomfortable energy. I’m sleeping through the nights and cruising through my days with a focus only briefly seen on ketogenic fasts. Its working, I’m a weird meathead! I’ve lost cravings, I eat intuitively, and I even got a nice bluetooth scale with a covered display, and I can just sync with my phone once a week for datas sake. Feels good man! I’m looking leaner than ever, losing weight, and maintaining my strength in the gym. Life is throwing a lot at me right now, and whenever it starts to feel overwhelming, I can stop and appreciate how far I’ve come. I’m slinging so much gratitude that all these spinnin plates just make me excited.

Feeling strong in this body and mind, taking 2019 each week in kind.