Its smack dab in the middle of seattle summer time. Its nice out! I’m back at my previous office job, things are still easy, and I have started running again. I putzed around with a super low calorie diet for a while, learned how little calories I can function on and still make strength gains, and am now eating like a human being again. Most of the intuitive eating weight is gone, and the strength remains. My finger is mostly healed up! I was able to do fingertip hands yesterday with minor irritation. I am definitely stronger than before, and with eating at maintenance, I feel I am getting slow leaner despite the scale staying the same. Getting more disciplined with bodyweight work, and doing exercises hourly at work to get in volume. Backed off deadlifting however, I think I established a faulty movement pattern, and never learned how to properly engage my hamstrings, hence the tear. Waiting on it to come up in a crossfit class so I can get some coaching in, meanwhile plenty of miles of running, plenty of front and back squat reps, and the occasional barbell glute thrust are keeping my lower body serviceable. Well, I am happy with how things are right now, and am glad I finally checked in again. Until the next milestone, over and out!