Pretty much end of summer

The mythical seattle summer is coming to a close. We still have some 70 degree days, but every morning it gets more crippling cold. Things have been good! After proposing around april, we have finally found a wedding venue. My partner is delving headfirst into competitive weightlifting, while I have struck a decent balance between lifting the big 3, doing some bodyweight work, and running! I managed to run myself 17 miles from home pike place market, and more or less survived. Despite calorie counting, these long runs have my weight going all OVER the place. I know I shouldn’t be so concerned, but my body image always has ben feeling 12 different sizes during the day.

Despite mental games, I am proud to announce I am training to run my first marathon distance. Thanksgiving day, I plan to go run 13 miles on the burt gilman trail down to seattle, then turn right around back and return to start. I know I will have to eat to perform. Body measurements have been down, and most of weights lifted have been up, so I think I am doing just fine. I always feel like I don’t have enough lean muscle though, so mayhaps after marathon and before next years wedding, I’ll finally get that mythical lean bulk? I don’t know, maybe stay tuned for me checking in to say how much I regret gaining weight, lol. Heres to a great season of fall fitness!