Maintinence and other quirks

So I reverse diet for a while. That was fun and delicious. On a mid-July vacation I decided to stop counting calories and and see what happens. Well, after a month, I’d have to say I’m pretty good maintaining where I am…..which is unfortunate when I feel like I want to bulk

Tracking helps me know im getting enough, hitting my macros, and not overdoing it and just putting on fat. I also learned that even when not tracking….I still obsess over food. I still plan ahead to head a protein-themed future meal, and think about things too much. I found that I excel when on vacation: not knowing exactly where my future meal would come from or when. I was truly satiated and at peace.

So now I track again. People tell me I have ‘guns’ now. I guess I did it? Lets see if this is sustainable. This is my first year at a normal BMI…..and its been great.