Insight into the post-obesity mindset

Part of me is still fat.

The eating habits created by growing up with an obese mother with no concept of nutrition or portion control have stuck with me, and still rear their heads occasionally. They used to take the form of binges, especially at parties. These days, I have to cope with my brain wanting to eat as much as I used to, while my stomach being a normal human size. Currently being on a bulk, I have to bring about 2500 calories worth of food with me to work, and portion out across the day. I’ll sit down for a meal of 1000 calories or more, eat it quickly, and my brain asks “ok whats next?” I have to actively fight the urge to go eat some more, while my stomach is clearly full and slightly sore. This full stomach feeling means almost nothing to me. It is foreign. Being uncomfortably full was my normal. The struggle….is real.