End of the year check in

It feels like forever since I’ve logged into this blog. Time passes swiftly, and for those with habits, every day is one step closer to your goals. Since September, I’ve done my first 5k, hit a new lowest weight, and truly embraced body weight workouts. I’ve been through 2 three week bulks and I am ecstatic about my progress. I cannot believe it hasn’t even been a full year since I’ve started calisthenics, I’m getting close to being able to pull off a clutch flag.

There’s not much more I can say that doesn’t sound like a fanatic here: I really approach fitness with a ridiculous zeal. I’m still tied to religiously counting calories, with only one binge of note (cabin trip). But after the ridiculous night and ensuing pain, I think its finally starting to pound into my head what food hungry versus brain hungry feels like (although a bulk is probably the worst time to learn to trust my gut). Going forward into 2015 I plan to slim down to an even lower low, work on human flag exercises and finally get towards a freestanding handstand. From there…..who knows?