2016 in review

Life is fun you know? Even the best laid plans can be swept aside. But the persistent still pursue their goals. Not long after my 17 mile pike run, I was stretching, and my legs pretty much both developed an injury: a likely long-time-coming overuse injury waiting beneath the surface. Mysterious pain below my right knee, and a terrible left hip flexor pain on the joint. After scrambling to find a clinic, I’ve been on a foam rolling and stretching routine since then. I’m getting better, but I am certainly in no shape to run.

Sadly, I abandoned the marathon plans, but was still able to do the yearly cornucopia WOD the day of. I’m happy to say ive been eating at a slight surplus for a few months now and will continue to do so into next year. Not going to gain a pound+ every week like last year though. Taking it slow, keeping the love handles off, and doing the occasional cardio on the rower. I learned a whole lot about eating to perform this year. Still trying to find a good mix of barbell and calisthenics strength, but enjoying my training still. I would say 2016 was good to me, and despite minor setbacks I am still a capable almost strong human. Heres to fitness in 2017!