2015: the year of mobility

Stretching. You know, that thing you don’t do enough of?

I’ve been seeing a sports medicine rehab doctor for about 2 months now, and after extensive agonizing work working on my posture, I find stretching and mobility has become a huge part of my daily routine. I’ve been slowly working on getting deeper into squats, and doing deadlifts with near perfect form and such, and little stretches like the wall quad stretch that used to absolutely KILL me have become easy and non painful after making them routine. I can even touch my feet to my forehead when my soles are touching in front of me: I wasn’t even planning on getting there. I just absentmindedly did that stretch for 10 seconds or so every night before bed to stretch my hips out. Neat!

So this, combined with daily, smaller workouts is my new normal. Coming close to reaching a crazy low bodyweight, and looking forward to eating around maintenance and training for some awesome goals this year. Here’s to health!