Thoughts, Behaviours, Support

A month of 2019 has come and gone. I’m starting to feed the flame of leadership that has dwelt within me for so long. Others have seen it, and occasionally I see it too. Something that really helped me grow exponentially last year was sitting in circles with other men….so I went ahead and started my own. The support and love I feel in my life makes me so grateful.

I’ve made some other little changes. Taking in ‘motivational’ self development media; podcasts and whatnot. Putting up goals and visions where I can see them. Changing my thoughts have changed my expectations and behaviors. After two weeks of a ketogenic diet I settled into a carnivorous diet….and I feel incredible. Week by week I live my mission and create a world of responsibilities by withholding judgement, and its treating me well so far.

Heres to flowing into february.