Breathing in the new year

Many things can change in 3 months.

Less than 100 days and I'm on a new track. A new way of being. Well, not so new.

On october 2018, I took a huge plunge, and spent 3 days on the mankind projects 'new warrior training adventure,' and went through my personal heroes journey. I took a deep look at my past, my present, and my future. I became more open, and saw a slice of community that I yearned for. Something in me changed, and I gained a mission: "To create and share a world of possibility by withholding judgement in the face of the unknown."

Going forward, intuition, flow, wise-adulting, and being present is up for me. My legs ebbed and flowed, I kept my tendonosis away long enough to grind out 6 weeks of 'building the monolith' from jim wendler. I gained about 15 pounds, and got pretty good at squatting and stuff. I made efforts to shore up my pullups and chinups, while still dipping into parkour and handstands to keep things balanced. As the year has ended, there is trail running on the horizon: I've signed up for a 50k for my 30th birthday in august. It has been a muddy but promising start. I still have good and bad days looking at my body, but I know its awesome and beautiful and lets me do amazing things. 

On the development front, I took several steps in building a dream of having a workshop. I accrued tools, learned how to work with metals, make casts, and even got a 3d printer. I have a workbench now, and business license. There will be an online store in the future. I want to create and share... I am authentically me.

The winter of 2018 has been remarkable. I've come away with a good look at what is important to me going forward as I sit with this new year. I want to leave behind fear and judgement, and breathe in intuition, presence, and community. I am filled with gratitude and love every day.

I make this year my best year ever.