I went to Mcdonalds today. I wanted to experience the meal of my youth. Silly, right? Its been at least 10 years since I’ve set foot in a Mcdonalds, and damn if I’m not good for another 10. Got myself a double quarter pounder and some nuggets. Shit was awful. The nuggets briefly tasted like chicken, but the burger…ugh…there was no bite too it. I’ve seasoned burgers that tasted waaay better than this shit. And I left unfilled, what a waste of calories. Nobody there was happy, myself included. There were a few children there, and I wept for them inside. They were too young to know better, but their shitty caregivers were feeding them this crap. With sodas. Just awful.

So yeah, I suppose I am a full-fledged health nut now. I drink water 95% of the time, and I’m even starting to enjoy WALKING around doing errands. My weight is at the lowest its ever been, and I’ve switched to bodyweight workouts entirely. Thats my life so far…. it aint too bad.