Addicted to Food

One doesnt get to be morbidly obese with a healthy relationship with food. I recently spent a weekend at my parents house after a long time away, and my mothers reaction was pure motherly panic. I binged. I was plied with food, my willpower subsided and I fell into 3 days of my old ways. I mean, granted I did the occasional exercise to justify the amount of food I put inside myself, but in the end I saw just how easy it was to fall into old ways when confined to the old system with no support.

Binge eating is a learned behavior. I believe with a high degree of certainty that I never learned natural hunger cues, and as such I dont associate the full stomach with a feeling of satiation. I eat like a DOG. I eat until im filled, and if there is more? I eat that too. I’m getting better. I’m taking it one day at a time. Whats the point of this post? Affirming my goals. One day I’ll be the person who can eat intuitively, who can be around leftovers and only eat one treat. Until then, I will be content in the knowledge that I am in fact, addicted to food, and damn, its almost lunch time. Again.