I took a progress picture yesterday. Last one was 3 months ago, after a christmas/newyears binge of holiday proportions. since then I’ve lost and gained same 5 pounds several times over, but my body is changing. My stomach is less bloated, and I can see every damn muscle in my back, it looks like a damn anatomy chart. Its insane! The delayed onset muscle soreness has come and gone, and my lifts are increasing. I like it, none of the terrible pain like after heavy squats….only the pain of a sore back days later, ugh. My form is starting to deteriorate on heavier weights, so I think I need to step it back down to nail my straight back position. Meanwhile, after getting my elbow destroyed by a high school kid in an arm wrestling match, I’m 90% healed and ready to jump that 100 pound bench press hurdle. Bring it on!