Flappy bird? Nah dog, its my leftovers

Losing 70+ pounds in less than a year has been pretty hellish on my skin. I’ve got stretch marks, cellulite, and worst of all: hanging skin. Its particularly terrible when I bend over for a plank or push up. Its terrifying how much is hanging off my belly. For the past few months I’ve tried firming lotion, and although its making me nice and soft, I dont believe its had anymore than a placebo effect. However recently I have discovered some forum posts by a man in my similar situation. He has recommended collagen. I did some googling, and figured its cheap so I went ahead and got me some powder. I have been working into my protein shakes and into the occasional dinner time meal. It tastes terrible when not mixed properly. Now it may be too early to call, or it might just be my natural bodily progression, but I think the stuff is working. I’ve noticed huge swathes of flaps have rescinded towards my body when in neutral standing pose. Its crazy! I’ve only been taking it for a bout a month. Too soon to call, but all signs are positive that its helping.