Fanaticism in strength

Its really hard to explain to others how good it feels to become stronger. The self discovery of fitness and health is really one that only you can walk. Its a choice you make inside of you that once it sprouts and takes hold, it changes you. I work towards my goals with almost religious fervor, and I recognize this, but goddamn is it hard not being able to explain to others. For example, I live with someone who hasnt reached this point in their lives. Long ago, after keto, I started seeing food as fuel, and that began to change my life. They are still firmly entrenched in the food as reward mindset, a poisonous one that if unchecked, can lead to unexpected weight gain and a vicious circle. I long to explain to them about macronutrients, to teach them just how much caloric content lies in their food, to show them how to reach their goals rather than complain. Maybe its my lack of a life or confused career aspirations, but this person brings me down with their defeatist attitude and I just want to share with them what I’ve learned over the years.

But I don’t push it. Fitness is an internal choice, an idea that must have true inspiration from no outside source to take hold. Only time will tell if they it. Until then, they will just have to tolerate my fanaticism for self improvement.