Its frustrating, seeing others falter. Its also frustrating trying to communicate to someone how amazing it is to make physical progress on your health. When I was at my heaviest, I fell prey to the attitude of “I’d rather live fat than deprive myself of delicious food.” I loved to eat too much, hell, I still love food. But now I track it. I dont let it control me.

This brings me to HAES. Healthy at every size. The theory behind this group is that you can still be overweight, and perfectly healthy, as long as you ingest healthy food and move your body from time to time. This is awesome! A good message that reassures those insecure in their bodies that being thin is not the golden temple of health and beauty that our society may make it out to be. However, as this group stands now, its message has been perverted into a ridiculous caricature of the original intent. People who are morbidly obese, claiming they are the pinnacle of health? Well. Perhaps they are, but I cannot stand the defeatist attitude of HAES. “Give up the war against fat, diets dont work!” The people who spout this just make me incredulous. Do you not know you just have to eat less? Oh, studies say 90% of people gain all their weight back? Motherfucker prove those studies WRONG.

Its hard to vent about this without thinking about those who might take offense, those who will inevitably exclaim about “fat hate.” But this isnt about them. Its about those who lack discipline. Its about those who lack the willpower to know when their lifestyle is holding them back from enjoying life. Those who use food as a crutch. Those who make excuse. Those like my former self. And that, is why I hope to never become complacent in my health again. I intend to move forward, always forward.



PS, why are there so many women in HAES, and so few men?