Dark times and bold moves

I had been living with my girlfriend for about a year, and our life was pretty awesome. Between sedentary jobs, the delicious food, and the half-assed gym experience, we had both gained about 30 pounds. I was hovering around 300. I had developed awful back pain and a soreness in my tailbone. Almost exactly a year since we met, my girlfriend suggested the Keto diet. Keto is a low carb, high fat diet, “the bacon diet” as reddit calls it. I was down to give it a try. We threw out our food and started from scratch.

Right away I began noticing a difference in the way I felt. I was more alert, had more energy, and was excited. I was taking in a steady, tracked diet, of meat, eggs and (not enough) vegetables. Myfitnesspal was (and still is) my savior. I started drinking water. Alot of water. We were getting results. Weight began to come off, and our workouts intensified. Ellipticals gave way to jogging, which yielded sprinting. I love to sprint. Distance running is still a chore for me, but I hope to increase my cardio endurance with time. As my weight dropped, more possibilities unfolded, I was able to move in ways I had never even dreamed of. Slowly my body changed, one day I could feel my ribs. That was never possible! The deep pit of my arm deepened with time, and jawline formed under my beard. I was losing fat.