Aftermath and onto the future

It has been about a year and a half since starting a keto diet. I’ve dropped from 333 to 210. I hover around 200, and have gone as low as 195. Nowadays I simple track my daily calorie intake, usually keeping it under 40 grams of carbs per day. My experience has shown me that weight doesn’t have to be a burden. Look up an online BMR calulator. Eat less than the number it gives you. You are not forced to be obese! Losing weight, and changing your life for the better, may not be easy, but it is damn simple.

Entertainment of exercise has increased linearly as my weight has lowered. I enjoy new challenges, moving in ways that I could not before, and getting stronger. But it is a constant struggle. Although I am no longer outwardly fat, my food addiction remains. When I have a ‘cheat day’, it can often snowball, and I can gain 5 pounds in a day easily. Only by realizing my shortcomings can I continue my progress into the future. Here ends my archive of my past, and from henceforth any blog posts will be about current events or current plans.