See? Did you catch that gap? I let the blog go without a post for a too long. Its easy to stagnate like that. But it was always in the very back of my mind. Was my life exciting enough to condense down into a weekly post? Doesn’t matter. Make a post.

I’ve slowly added weight to my bad leg while recovering from tendonitis. I’ve resumed running, which has shown me that I am once again in abysmal cardiovascular shape. Sprinting is fine, going up the stairs is fine. But after 2 minutes of jogging I just break down. Food has been difficult. Every weekend is a fight to keep the weight off I lost during the week. Its not easy, I dont have the optimism I did when I first started to notice results. Writing this down got it out of my head, almost depleting my enthusiasm. But it will continue. I can never stop. This is the new normal, the fight for a better me. A more disciplined self.