On fitness and inadequacy

As my weight has gone down, I have shown a great proclivity for exercise. I feel like a budget Jack Lalanne, in my mindset that people dont move enough. …we need to exercise more! Maybe its because I’m a young man, with strong ideals, but if its just a phase its a phase I want to remember. It started with lifting weights.

Little weights aren’t very exciting, but the big compound lifts make for exciting progress. I had little goals, like “I want to see the muscles in my forearms,” and now I have bodyweight exercise routines that I strive to accomplish. At the same time I never feel good enough, I feel fake, like the fitness guy who is shitty at fitness. Maybe its all those inspirational gym quotes. Maybe I’m not ripped enough and not covered in enough dirt and sweat. Its probably because I don’t run. . I’m currently at the end of a ‘shitty bulk’ with injured knees, unable to workout legs and piling on weight with little results. Time to cut down!

To end this post, I guess what im trying to say is that I’m excited to see what I can accomplish going into the future as no-longer obese. I feel like I am playing catch up for all my time missed, but I am in high spirits.