Gotta go fast

Some how by the magic of the wikipedia effect, I found myself with some blogs open this morning, all detailing the effects of intermittent fasting. Well that just reinforces what I already know: I am not a special snowflake. Its important to stop and think that the journey, no matter how intense and invigorating it is for your life, is not unique to humanity. Many tens of millions of people have walked this road and will continue to do this in the future. However, with the prevalence of ‘diet culture’ and obesity in America, getting your shit together just feels good. Regardless, I figure I’d put down my two cents and swill the information around some more.

So, fasting! What is it? Simply put, fasting is not eating for a certain time. Its really easy to do, and it gets you great results if you want to lose fat and keep muscle. I’m following the leangains method as detailed by martin berkhan, the “8 hour diet” so to speak. Basically, don’t eat breakfast, and keep all your food intake to an 8 hour window. I generally eat all my calories between noon and 8 pm, then fast til the next day. So far, the effects have been fantastic, as I have been putting on weight it has made me nervous, but as per a dubious electro resistance handheld bodyfast tester, I have dropped 2%. Even with the occasional cheeseburger and chinese takeout. Give it a try, you might just like where it can take you.