Keeping your elbows in

I had a slight revelation about arm position in bench and pushups. I’ve read so much advice on ‘keeping your elbows in’ when benching or doing pushups. So i’ve been struggling away, keeping my elbows almost at my sides. Its hard! Turns out, all that does it put all the strain on your triceps, and takes your chest out of the lift. Great if you want to work those out, but not ideal for putting up bigger lifts. So, 45 degrees almost. A little bit of a tuck. Brings your chest muscles and triceps into play equally, getting the most of your muscles. This was somewhat of a revelation to me, so I’m listing this here. Hopefully this will help my struggling bench numbers. Progressing from struggling with the bar to 80 pounds is one thing, but everyone I see is benching over 100 pounds no problem. Me too guys. Me too.

Also, from this week on, I’m moving from 5×5, to reverse pyramid training. Heres to results.