First steps in the right direction

My doctor’s news had come to me about a month before the school year was about to begin. Desperate, and confused, I began to search for a gym near the campus in the hopes I could address my growing weight. After some investigation, I stumbled upon a small gym, run by a single man, about a mile from the school. I called him, and set up a time to come visit.

“Sure, come on down! You’re gonna love it here.” His voice had such a positive tone behind it, like he was just excited about life. But not in that annoying salesman way. He genuinely enjoyed running this gym. He had passion. I came in for a quick tour that afternoon. We toured the quaint facilities, he showed me the array of weight and cardio machines, and filled me in on the exploits of the local power players that often came to his gym to work out. It was an easy sell, and after I told him my upcoming school schedule he mentioned that for a yearly fee, I could have a key to the place! The whole ordeal didnt take but 15 minutes, and after calling my dad, it was official. I was a gym member!