The before times

My story begins at the tail end of 4 years of college. I had, until this point, lived my life with little care to my physical well-being and health. The prime years of my life were lived in abject povery, health-wise. I was always the fat kid. Oversized basketball shorts and giant shirts were my uniform. Sweaty PE time was always the bane of my existence, as I was always the last to finish the mile. There are some faint memories of exercise outside of school, when I would accompany my mother to weight watchers, and then we would do the elliptical at a local gym. I remember counting points. There are also faint memories of going on a family vacation, partaking in a large pizza, and falling back into old habits completely. But these were the before times.

On this fateful day, I had a minor scare. After alot of deep stomach butterflies and shaky nerves, I made the decision to visit a local clinic. Though it turned to be nothing, the doctor still had important things to tell me about my weight. At the time of my visit, I weighed 333 pounds. It didnt really sink in right then. He said I needed to lose weight. I agreed, I was fat right? Talk of the lap band was thrown around. Gastic bypass. My parents insurance could pay for this.

I left the office satisfied. Trundling across the street to a smoothie shop, I procured a sugary beverage and then returned home, left to stew over this new information.