A Personal Archive

Have you ever started something?


Have you ever started a project, just to prove you could do it? Just to sit down and say to your inner self “Yeah, I can totally do that. I’m going to do that thing.”

This is my ‘that thing.’


For the past few days I’ve been kicking around the idea in my head of starting an archive. A compendium, if you will, of my early life struggles and successes. Personal achievement. Weight loss. Fitness. I know, fitness. Those are the worst, right? The blog your facebook friend starts just to loudly proclaim that they have joined a gym, this is going to be the year, and they’ve found the secret to running! Then they maintain proudly for a week or three, lapsing into prior habits and online obscurity. Well, I can’t say this will be much different, but this space is mine. Private, yet public. This link isnt being passed around on social media. Think of this like a journal, of sorts, where I can chronicle a part of my story. I have begun my project. This, I think, is an acceptable start.